After spending a bit of time on our website, you will start to notice it is littered with what look like strange square barcodes... These are called QR Codes.

So what are they and why should you use them?

Put simply, they are like barcodes on steroids! They store lots of information that anybody who owns a smartphone can QUICKLY and EASILY scan – information that is then automatically stored in their mobile phone – so there is no need to remember or type in web addresses on a tiny mobile keypad!

We are all becoming increasingly reliant on our mobile phones, QR Codes are a great way of QUICKLY getting access to and retaining the information we need.

Companies can use QR Codes in a number of ways, for example:

  • To pass on a discount voucher that will be stored in your phone (no need to print anything!)

  • A link to their website (no need to remember or type in a long URL on a tiny mobile keypad!)

  • To pass on exclusive content (a menu or recipe, industry gossip)

  • To link you to relevant videos (how to guides, a video tour of their premises)

  • To send you to an online contact form (so you can request further information, submit a question, enter a claim etc)

  • To link you direct to their Facebook or Twitter accounts

All of which you can claim simply by installing a FREE QR Code reader on your smartphone and then using it scan the codes.

To download your QR Code reader for FREE, simply follow these easy instructions:

  • iPHONE – go to the App Store and search for QR Code reader. Select the FREE Version, click on install app, enter your Apple password and watch as the reader is installed. Once installed it is simply a case of clicking on the App to open it and start the reader operating (you will know it is working because you will see a red line moving up and down your screen).

  • BLACKBERRY – Go to Blackberry App World and search for QR Code reader. Select and download QR Code Scanner Pro (for FREE). Go to downloads and open up QR Scanner. You can now scan QR Codes!

  • ANDROID PHONES (HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola models among others)- search for QR DROID on google – www.qrdroid.com should be your first result. Go to this website and then click on the link “Get QR Droid!”, before following the on screen instructions.

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